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"André’s coaching has been invaluable to my growth as a singer and a performer. Both a brilliant technician and trustworthy diction specialist, he is without a doubt a priceless resource in my own vocal journey. With his coaching expertise, I was accepted into my dream graduate school and truly feel indebted to him. I highly recommend him for any and all singers attempting to attain their vocal goals."

-Elizabeth Bemis, Master of Music in Classical Vocal Pedagogy candidate at Shenandoah Conservatory

"My experience working with Mr. André Chiang this past year has been an absolute wonder. As a gender fluid transgender, I have taken on both male and female roles. Mr. Chiang has been able to work with me to strengthen both voices, focusing primarily on the male modal voice. His technique of maintaining optimum oropharyngeal spacing, with minimal excess subglottal pressure, constant and adequate breath flow, and freedom in the bodies natural resonators has helped me achieve more volume and projection in my sound while compensating for tonsils and adenoids that are twice and triple the normal size. It has given me more masculine and distinguishable sound. With his guidance, I have sung songs and roles like Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid” all the way to Celie from “The Color Purple”. Mr. Chiang, during lessons, is very forward with vocal progression and has a realism of the professional world that reinforces my want to continue my studies with him. I recommend him for beginners to professional singers and I promise that you will not be disappointed."

-Shanarrous Briggins-Pollard, Registered Respiratory Therapist